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  1. My wife and I moved back out near the family farm in Missouri last January. We have a wide variety of songbirds to watch and one day she came home with two hummingbird feeders. I’ve upgraded to four feeders and have to make about a gallon every other day because I’m getting what I call ‘hairballs’ of flaring, excitedly chirping ruby throated hummingbirds. I must have at least 20 of them around the area. It’s such a treat to hold two feeders in my hands and get swarmed by 8 or 10 of them timidly chirping and looking at me until their hunger overrides their sense of safety. It’s usually an older, grey looking one that first comes up to me to feed out of my hand and it’s quite the thing seeing them hover 3 or 4 inches from my face like they’re curious and studying me in turn. I’m hooked on hummingbirds!!!

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